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Thank you for considering me as your Coach on your journey to earning a Six-figure Income.


What sets me apart is I am an expert in the field of Business Ownership, Entrepreneurship, and Self-employment?


  • The reason I can say that is I have owned successful Companies since I was 19 years old and I have mastered the art of building and developing well-run businesses.

  • An expert is defined as someone who has worked in a specific discipline for at a minimum of 10,000 hours and as a Launch It! 30 Days to Greatness Coach, I have well over that number of hours in experience, training and know how.

  • I have Launched countless women from within my Organizations, that have successfully Launched their own business, to include but not limited to:

» Salons

» Real Estate Companies

» Property Management Companies

» Insurance Companies

» Authors

» Retail Stores

» Life and Empowerment Coaching

» Real Estate Investors

We guarantee that if you implement the Coaching and Training shared with you, consistently following the detailed steps and outlines provided during your Launch It! 30 Days to Coaching Six-figure success with Biblical Principles, you will be able to earn a Six Figure Income led and guided by God.

*Income results will vary and are based on each individual person’s goals, willingness and effort.

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