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Learn more about Specific topics, Presentations, and Workshops or Customize your own!!


God has blessed me with the passion to Speak and Coach tirelessly. I would love to present to your Team, Church, Youth Entrepreneurship Group, Realtors or Organization on:

  • Monetizing your Gifts and Ideas

  • Running a Successful business

  • Lead Generating Daily for New clients

  • Client Retention

  • Asking for and Receiving Referrals from Happy Clients and Customer

  • What is a Client and a Customer, how are they different?

  • What to do when business is slow to keep your Income Consistent and Growing

  • Launching Successfully

  • Relaunching When You’ve Lost Your Way


Additional Success Topics for your Sales Team, Staff, Organization & Groups:

  • How to Stand Out When the Field Looks Crowded

  • What to do daily for continued success

  • Feast or famine and how to avoid, the latter

  • Mindset, believing it’s all possible

  • From Employee to CEO

  • Preparing to leave your career for Business Ownership

  • Life the second time around, how to switch business fields without loss of income

  • Asking for what you’re worth without blinking twice

  • Get paid what you’re worth, charge what you want

  • I’m in Business, Now What do I Do

  • Sharing the Gospel in my Business


These are just some of the Topics, we can customize a presentation specific to your needs and the needs of your Teams.


Let’s connect!! God has called me to you and I’m available.

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