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You Can Afford to Invest in YOU through Coaching, see Ideas below:


  • Ask someone to sponsor you, who believes in you. Let everyone know what your goals are and ask them to invest in your success

  • Open a credit card. Many people think credit cards are bad, they are when spend on non- income producing items. Your Business, Projects and Ideas are Assets that will pay you back in return

  • Sell items you know longer use, want or need

  • Use your savings, 401K

  • Set aside money weekly from not eating out and not shopping

  • Cancel cablevision and apply that extra money towards Coaching

  • Apply for Paypal Credit, small monthly payments that may fit your budget

  • Sell more through your current businesses and clients to pay for Coaching

  • Forego hair and nail Appointments

  • Pay with half cash and half credit card

  • Exchange something of value (House, car, land, jewelry, boat, art, designer bags, etc.)

  • Cash

  • Barter Services with others in exchange for the cash

  • Ask your parents, friends and families

  • Create a Go Fund Me Page

  • Take out a Bank Loan

  • Bring on a Business partner and split the cost – Must pay for 2 packages, the discount is 20%

  • All packages when paid for in full, upfront, will receive a 10% discount

  • Earn referral discounts for referring Coaching Clients – Max number of referrals is 5, 10% discount off your coaching, for each client referred up to 5 max referrals.

  • Borrow the amounts needed from multiple sources

  • Determine the amount needed weekly and earn it by providing services to others: For example: Cooking, Baking, Editing, Cleaning, Writing, Posting in Social Media

  • BELIEVE GOD AND BEGIN THE COACHING PROCESS, KNOWING THAT HE WILL PROVIDE. Make the first payment, pray and believe for the provision.



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